It’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. That is where I will begin. In this life we sometimes are taken down paths that we think we didn’t choose, and whether we did choose them or not, we are traveling it anyway. The interpretation of the journey is clearly from our own perspective and the effects of our travels and our decisions will be scrutinized by others. There is one thing that I am trying to learn, and that is, when we choose to scrutinize, judge, or place blame on what our fellow human beings do with their lives, as if we are the ones with all the right answers, we may find ourselves journeying down a path we may not really enjoy traveling.

This blog is an effort for me to document my journey as well as using it as a platform for me to express myself. If it helps me to grow and expand my horizons then it will have accomplished a great thing. If it happens to be a benefit to anyone else reading it, then it will have done an even greater thing.

Let the journey begin.