• A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

That best describes my mood today. Oh if I were completely honest I could pinpoint several reasons, but there’s no point in publicizing my sadness. That typically doesn’t serve any purpose but to have others share in my moment, and that truly is of no value.

So, here I sit, hoping that by attempting to place words on the screen I will help this feeling pass. Sometimes just the act of writing will help. The feeling of weariness, of not fully accomplishing what I have been needing to do; the feeling of constantly making the wrong choices; the exhaustion of knowing that no matter what we do our future will always hold financial struggle because of the choices and decisions we have made over the years.

Will we be able to support ourselves in our senior years, or will we be filled with worry and stress until we draw our final breathes. No one knows. It’s too much to digest today. Too much to even spend my energy pondering. So I won’t ponder any longer. Just try and rest and hope that tomorrow will bring a little more joy and rest than today has. I am drained and ready to escape into fiction.